"John Nolan animatronics designer and director at Streetlight Films UK, whose credits include Where the Wild Things Are, Harry Potter, Clash Of The Titans, Hellboy 2, Warhorse, Brothers Grimm, Dr Who and Being Human, created an incredible UNKLE robot based on Futura’s Pointmen from the Psyence Ficton and Never Never Land albums.

The robot itself formed part of the 'Daydreaming with ...James Lavelle' exhibition along with an accompanying video sound-tracked to the instrumental re-working of ‘The Runaway’ (Lupe’s Revenge). The original track appears on UNKLE’s most recent album ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ with its vocal driven hip-hop counterpart featuring on The Answer EP.

Its splintered synths and a shuddering bass-line create an aggression and energy which Nolan harnessed within the robot’s marching stomp towards the camera."