5 Minutes With Sofles...

Last Thursday saw Lo-Fi's last show and the gallery space's transformation into an explosion of color, illustration and straight up style courtesy of 'Ladies Of The Letterform', The mind blowing exhibition of new works from Sofles, who could possibly be described as one of the worlds most recognized and talented graffiti artists.

To see his works face to face shed light on the fact that the countless pieces we had seen on the internet didn't even come close to doing the detail in them justice!

We managed to grab Sofles for a couple of quick questions in between drinks;

Would you prefer a gallery or platform full of people viewing your work ? Platform, definitely.

If you had the power to freeze time for 5 minutes what would you do? Rob a bank, if I had an extra few minutes Miranda Kerr.

What is your favorite implement? It would be the spray can I think. I really like illustration and doing as much different shit as i can like using brushed or fire extinguishers or whatever the fuck I can use, but probably the spray can. I've never found anything that has the same effect or the ability of that one thing.

If you could hang your work in anyone's house whose would it be? One of the local Brizzy politicians, like Campbell Newman who hates. Or the cop who busted me.

What is the worst thing you have woken up to? Getting raided. It went from being the best thing to the worst thing. I woke up and my girlfriends like "your gonna get breakfast in bed!" I'm like "Yeah!! breakfast in bed!" She goes out to cook the shit next thing I hear is *BANG BANG BANG* and that was the cops. So my perfect morning went to my worst nightmare.

Best way to cure a hangover? Not getting raided.

What would be your ideal summer? Next summer I want to be in south America. Hopefully this summer I'll chill out in Brizzy and go to Byron Bay, Theres alot of areas around there that are perfect. Just chilling on the beach not doing anything at all, I'll be happy.

Check out more of his work at www.sofles.com