We caught up with the guys behind Trespassing to find out how they pull off some of their awesome shots and what exactly they were up to in the lead up to their debut Sydney exhibition.

Firstly, what is the idea behind Trespassing as a project?

It started a few years back. The general idea behind it was to try and capture the mood and atmosphere surrounding Sydneys train painting scene and also capture the small subway system in an attempt to make it look as close to real life as possible.

What is an average night out for the Trespassing crew, is there any structure, planning or rituals in the lead up to your missions?

I wish I could say there was an “average night”. The reality is when we get an invite by one of the guys to come out, there are no questions asked, its really just going along for the ride. That tends to be the best way for all involved. The missions are very intense, as its not the first time to most of these spots from back in my train painting days. Sydney's system is small and all the guys these days have such limited time and are always coming up with new ways around the system.

What sort of items go into the Trespassing kit for your average mission?

As we take documenting it pretty seriously, it is really only a camera kit. Camera kits consists of a Canon 5D and a couple of lenses – usually a portrait lens and a wide angle lens.

How many nights a week do you head out, do you ever sleep and how does this fit into your work / social lives?

It varies, but with the exhibition coming up it has been a situation of accepting every invite – which is probably about 3 times per week. Unfortunately it results in not enough sleep and can get quite moody (hats off to my girlie for putting up with my shenanigans). Its always a case of doing the best possible to make it all work together. A social life is basically non-existant.

What is your favourite shot to date and what was the story behind it?

Favourite shot... wow, a tricky one. There is a shot from early 2014 that blew my mind. The lighting and composition were perfect. This was a train that I was told would have terrible lighting conditions. The truth is with the action pics you really never know what you're in for – that's what makes them so exciting and fun to shoot.

We recently saw a shot of an un-branded Waratah that had just arrived off the boat sitting in port. Looked like a real James Bond type situation to get that shot?

Haha, not quite unfortunately (or fortunately). The shot you're referring to is one of the new Waratah shells which had just come off the ship and onto the docks. Standing there with it as a bare shell was a pretty surreal feeling though.

Is there anywhere you wouldn't venture due to danger or security risk?

I don't want to sound like a hero, but no, not really.

We heard some stories years ago about special forces conducting some training in Sydney's network, is this something you've come across? How much do rumour and stories play a part in what you decide to explore, whether it be a driver or a deterrent?

I haven't come across any special forces luckily. I try to stay focussed on getting the job done and try not to worry about the rumors . I am as careful as possible and everybody I go out with is usually very organised and always make calculated decisions.

Any memorable stories, chase or success wise?

I fortunately dont have many chase stories (touch wood). Like I said, the boys are very switched on. They are very quick and well planned out in their missions.

Where do you see yourselves trespassing in the future?

Hopefully a book is to come, and maybe touring a bit more too. We're hoping that there will be an exhibition in Melbourne in the next year too.

Thanks for giving us a peep into the process!

A special thank you and shout out to all the boys that I have tagged along with – without them, a lot of the photos simply would not be possible.

The Trespassing exhibition begins tonight 26th February 2014, 6pm-9pm at The Tate Gallery, Upstairs of The Toxteth Hotel, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. For more info check out the event page here.

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