Talking Tongue's...

The Tongue is no stranger to the Australian battle scene, paving his way as a fierce battle MC with numerous titles under his belt from around the country. With his signing to Elefant Traks along with a variety of mixtapes, hit singles and a sophomore album dropping this year; he proves his skills both in the mic booth and in the ring. We take a minute with The Tongue between studio sessions and photo shoots to find out cures for hangovers and whats in stock for 2010.

Q: Best battle experience so far? A: Representing Australia in the Battle 4 Supremacy back in 2005. It feels great to compete for you country....even if it is in something as silly as an MC battle.

Q:Funniest thing you have seen in a battle? A: The year I won the Revolver MC Battle in Melbourne there was a guy competing who called himself The Fat C**T From Frankston...and he really was fat and he wore a business suit on stage. The next year he competed again and had lost 30kg....that year he entered as just The C**T From Frankston.

Q: Most memorable thing that’s happened at one of your shows? A: The Elefant Traks 10th Anniversary show at the Forum was just plain crazy. 1000 people going apeshit for an entire set...not an experience that is easily forgotten. Also getting to open for Public Enemy and then watch them do a 3 hour show from the side was stage was pretty surreal.

Q: Worst thing you've talked your way out of or best thing you've talked your way into ? A: The best thing I ever talked my way into....getting signed to Elefant Traks.

Q: Worst thing you've woken up to after a big night out? A: Myself.

Q: Best way to beat a hangover ? A: Water, fruit, sex, blunts.

Q: Will we be seeing a return of the blind man? A: No. But you will be seeing and hearing my second album when it drops this September. Its executive produced by El Gusto (Hermitude) and slams like LaBron James. In other words...I think your gonna like it.