Shake That Ass...

Refill, HALFSLEEVE, BACKWOODS & LO-FI COLLECTIVE are proud to present ‘Shake That Ass’ by Yone.

Yasumasa ‘Yone’ Yonehare is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and influential magazine editors and photographers in Japan.

During the 90s Yonehara’s work with the iconic Egg Magazine was instrumental in the emergence of ‘kogyaru’ (Japanese schoolgirl) culture into the global consciousness.

Yonehara’s signature ‘lo-fi sexy’ photographic style was established though a collection of erotic Fujifilm ‘cheki’ shots for Smart Girls with some of Tokyo’s hottest models. The unprecedented success of his first book, a folio of these Smart Girl portraits, bestowed him instant fame.

It was at this point that Yonehara’s sphere of influence became global, with brands such as American Apparel ‘appropriating’ his unique photographic style for use in advertising campaigns. A new genre of editorial photography was born, founded on Yonehara’s instant Polaroid style.

In 2007 Yonehara launched the online publication which blends erotic art with blogs by influential photographers, friends and tastemakers from around the world.

Yone has spent recent years exploring themes of eroticism, continuity within discontinuity and the power of repetition in a series of acclaimed photographic exhibition.

A Creative Director sought by fashion labels, music groups and advertising agencies around the world, Yonehara brings a unique aesthetic, vision and Japanese pop-culture sensibility to the world of art.

In September 2010 Lo-Fi Collective is honored to be hosting ‘Shake That Ass’ by Yasamasa Yonehara, an exhibition of original photography and installations.