Project 36...

Project 36 from Kind Regards on Vimeo.

Amsterdam based collective Kind Regards is putting together an exhibition to showcase the photography of some of the most prominent individuals within the graffiti world over the past decade. "The concept is that we send each artist a 35mm compact camera (Olympus MJU II) along with a roll of black and white film. We chose this camera as it has been a primary choice of camera for graffiti writers since its release in 1997, and still remains this way due to its flash, compact size, lens and all-weather capability. Each person involved shoots one roll of 36 exposures, with no specific subject matter assigned. Once the rolls were returned, we developed them in-house. The results reflected a lifestyle more so than a focus on graffiti". The final step will be the production of 36 booklets per artist involved featuring all 36 exposures from their roll with the added bonus of a single negative from that particular artists roll.

The line up includes: Remio (USA), Banos (Australia), Will Robson-Scott (UK) and Luce (Argentina/Bolivia). Head over to Kind Regards for more information on what they do and upcoming projects.