It's All Yours...

“The Tate Gallery enthusiastically presents resident artist Takie and her first solo show, IT’S ALL YOURS.

Takie returns from a two year sabbatical in Melbourne that ensconced her within the street art scene and established her artistic roots. Transposing that beginning into the exhibiting realm has been a fluid extension of her energetic and unique approach to line and colour. An addiction to change means the range of mediums used and styles explored is rapid and unrestrained. Takie’s work marries her obsession of documenting the words and images that surround her with a dependancy on colour to act as a portal to the emotion, feelings and attachments that follow. Her work let’s her play out a reactionist stance of the world and it’s happenings. Works find themselves on found objects, salvaged scraps and a field of paper. It’s all yours, transcribed by the deliberate hand that never stops seeing.”

Check out some studio shots here!