I Love Letters

Tomorrow night Does brings us into his realm of alphabet wizardry. After some sneak peeks of the pieces and witnessing first hand the huge effort and detail put into some of these artworks we cannot wait to see the final exhibition, this is one show you cannot miss!

We managed to grab him for afew questions whilst preparing for the show.

Is there anything different about Australia that has surprised you or has been different from your expectations?

Australia has been a great experience so far. People are very hospitable and the landscapes are amazing. You can find many beautiful landscapes in Europe too, but it seems to be more in abundance here. What struck me most are the enormous distances, I can’t seem to get over that.

Have you found a favourite food over here?


Do you have a post piece Ritual?

I like to get the perfect picture after I finish. I guess that could be called my post piece Ritual.

What would be your Ideal vacation?

My next ideal vacation will be a sailing trip on the Whitsunday Islands. I always look forward to such trips where you basically do nothing but relax, but I usually get a bit anxious after a week. So my trip in Australia will be a combination of really good ideal vacation destinations and painting.

What has bee the strangest thing you've come across or seen while out painting?

Strangest…not sure…scariest was the fake snake that was thrown at me recently while painting with the Ironlak guys in Brisbane.

What has been your most Dangerous mission?

Painting in the slumps of Bogota.

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