Good Gracious!

M-Phazes is a name you should have heard by now, especially since the release of his hugely successful debut album
'Good Gracious' in February this year. Having produced for the likes of Pharoe Monch, Royce Da 5'9", CL Smooth, M.O.P, Sean P, Amerie and Supastition to name a few, we thought it was necessary to take five with the man and shoot some important questions his way.

Have you been partying hard since the launch of Good Gracious?
Yeah for me, I have. We hit the Illy tour straight after my launch so that's been the main contributor to the partying, seeing the country and meeting fans has been awesome. I don't party as hard as Illy though, he is the boss of "taking it there"

On a good night out what kind of antics would you be getting up to?
Usually lots of shots, I'm not too rowdy, I don't trash hotel rooms or anything like that. I do talk a bit of shit, just lots of drinking and feeling extremely sorry for myself the next day.

What can’t you play a gig without?
My laptop, and a beer, I need a beer on stage, no matter what, its like a comfort thing!

Most audacious thing you’ve seen at a gig?
We saw two guys battling in the car park before we went on stage at one show, and mid rhyme, one of the battlers threw up everywhere, wiped his mouth and kept on rapping, was pretty intense. Needless to say he won the battle.

What was the last thing you’ve absolutely destroyed?
My digital camera, I didn't have a case and i just threw it in my backpack on tour, its fucked and I had to buy a new one, I have a nice case for it now though.

If you could produce anything for anyone what would it be and whom would it be for?
I would love to produce a whole album with Lauryn Hill, she is incredible!

Best thing you’ve found in your pocket the morning after?
A deck of playing cards with naked girls on them, don't know where the fuck I got them from!

On that note, let the midnight madness begin.

Midnight Madness Remix from Monstar Productions LLC on Vimeo.