In 1996, Andrew Kidman blindsided the surfing world with Litmus, a film made with a group of friends under the enigmatic collective name The Val Dusty Experiment. Raw and unpolished, it spoke volumes to surfers all over the world who felt removed from the amped up, high performance surf punk porn that flooded the market at the time. Rather than a commercial showcase, Litmus was born from the of love of the ocean and dared defy the monolithic surf industry through the simple words of Wayne Lynch – surfing’s not young anymore.

Since then Andrew Kidman has gone on to not only produce more movies (most notably the beautiful Glass Love in 2004), making him without a doubt one of the most influential Australian surf film makers of all time, but also equally touching photography, paintings, screen prints and music.

In 2007 he published the book Ether in limited release, a retrospective containing over 20 years of photographs, interviews, stories and art. He’s currently working on a new film project.