The Enjoyride exhibition is a collection of photographs taken during the 16 day Melbourne to Brisbane 'Joyride' bike ride, which took place in November 2010.

The exhibition will include images shot by Daniel 'Faz' Farrell (FixedUp, The Joyride) and Joshua Heath (The Joyride) as well as works from Typographic artist Wing Lau (The Joyride Design Director). Collectively the images explore the emotion and toil associated with long days on the empty roads of rural Australia. As an extension of the experiences of filming the Joyride documentary, the exhibition aims to be a creative and artistic outlet of emotion without an ambitious storyline. Instead the images allow the viewer to invoke their own interpretation of the physically grueling ride.

Thursday June 2nd, 7pm Deus Cycleworks 72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

For more information head over to We Joyride, and get a sneak peek of their adventures here.