5 Minutes With Roach...

Tags, throwups, pieces, simples, illustrations and all-round nice guy...Roach does it all. We take 5 and get the lowdown on his most memorable experiences and adventures.

Most memorable expedition? A 15 minute 10 man wholecar on a ridgey with DIY platforms made from cable tied milk crates and railway sleepers in 2005 Orchestrated by KEWDA.

Weirdest thing you've seen while painting? My second ever piece at Pymble station 1n 1998, saw someone get stabbed on the station at 1am whilst painting just off the platform, had to hide on the tracks whilst police and ambos came and left the scene. Wrong place at the wrong time. Also left my wallet near the wall and had to go get it in school uniform the next morning. Kook effort.

Paint anywhere or anything what would it be and why? I've always been really keen to paint in the states, especially NYC as I went there when I first interested in graffiti. I never saw anything and wasn't allowed to go anywhere, I was 12 years old traveling with the family, we stayed near time square and went to the Guggenheim. I am rectifying this situation and will be painting there in August this year, as well as SF and LA.

Favourite writers/artists: Gary, Does, Sofles, okies, Mike giant, Horfé, parra, Vizie, Roid, Alex trochut, Jeff canham, michael Doret, Saynt, Morning Breath, espo, Moses.... I could go all day.

Best chase story? Got pulled up in the car with Rinks and Nychos (Austria) DBOC in 2004 , after painting a backjump that we got chased off. We were made to sit on the side walk surrounded by 6 officers, they found the camera, which sloppily had a series of photos from the incident just gone and the few nights previous.'this is what we need' one officer said then put the camera back in the camera bag on the front seat. They searched my wallet and handed it back to me, I asked another officer if I could put it back in my bag (the camera bag) he let me, I reached into the bag and without looking at the screen, hit power, menu & 3 taps down to erase all... "hands out of the bag mate" I stepped back and said, 'he told me it was ok', I sat back down on the side walk as they checked the camera to find it empty.... They were furious... We sat in the cells for 4 hours after a 'no comment' interview and went home.

Shout outs: Haha ok. Will treat this like an acceptance speech...

To everyone who makes my life positive, firstly My favourite people in the world Bridge and my family, all of Dirty Rottens and The Goonies & Nichols street Gang. Outside of my crews in no particular order, WDV, Blends Sofs Okies Retro, Caib Des Cheat Liks Saynt Bones, Does Gary Vans, Luna Nofun Wei2, Dyms Blues, Beasty Yok Meggs Twoone Kill pixie, Phibs Amuse Perso, Josh roelink Rob abell.... And everyone else, you know who you are.