5 Minutes With Esjay...

Just in time for his exhibition at Lo-Fi tonight, we take 5 minutes with Esjay to answer a few questions. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Esjay on a few prints in our recent summer collection, so if you haven't picked one up yet head over to the store and grab one of the remaining few. Furthermore, here's what he had to say...

Pen or computer ? Both - Wacom pen & tablet. Computer pen!

Photograph or film any event what would it be and why? Probably would have been photographing that Icelandic volcano - sdijbvsdlfjkbvkfjldsbnvlfjnvdfljs going off. Must have felt like the world was ending Emmerich style.

Inspired by... I'd say all forms graphic design / typography before the computer was the tool of choice. Pulp, horror & mystery comics, simply the most ridiculous cover art.

Worst thing you’ve woken up to? I don't know. Probably waking up on a freezing cold night, finding you've kicked the blanket off..... cold and pissed off.

Best way to end the week? Beer in the shower.

Future plans? Tomorrow I'll sauna away my hangover. After that it's all an open book - keep doing what I'm doing, hopefully in bigger and better ways.