5 Minutes With Benois...

Known for his crazy NBA/MBL mash ups and illustrative artworks, Anton Benois has made is presence known in all corners of the globe with the help of his adhesive calling card. We take 5 with the now Berlin based Benois .

Most memorable night out? Least memorable: waking up 4 km from my hotel in Panama City Florida, on the beach, with no pants on and legit alcohol poisoning in 1999 while on spring break (that sort of spring break) and then sitting in a car for 19 hours to go back to uni in upstate NY. I had smashed a bottle of Jager and a 6 beer funnel from the 2nd level of the hotel down to the parking lot. So at some point in my life I was living in the movie Old School….

Worst thing you’ve woken up to? A mule's severed head lying peacefully next to me underneath my Egyptian 4000-thread cotton sheets.

Strangest thing you’ve been told about your work? Everything anyone says about my work that's not a statement based on pure aesthetics feels odd on some level.

Have your work hanging anywhere where would it be and why? In the background of a pivotal scene in Back to the Future 2. That film has proven to be quite prophetic, what with all the hoverboards around these days.

Inspired by... My childhood in the Soviet Union. The inanity of beliefs and ideology. Cool shit.

Travel in time where and why? 1908: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska_event. What the fuck happened there? Half my bloodline comes from right near this thing, and it probably explains a lot.